Why Do I Get So Many Bug Bites?

Why Do I Get So Many Bug Bites? Last week, I wrote about my love of camping, and how to best be prepared before heading out into the woods. Unfortunately, it seems that no amount of preparedness can make me less delicious to mosquitoes who, without fail, seem to bite me more frequently than anyone else in my party. Even with all the repellent in the world, I still seem to be super-prone to bug bites of all kinds. But why? Why are some people magnets to mosquitoes, fleas, and other biting bugs, while others (like my boyfriend) seem to be utterly repulsive to them? And, perhaps more importantly, what can I do to stop it? I reached out to a few biologists and toxicologists to get some input on this matter, but for the most part, my question was shrugged off as a “mystery of biology.” “Some people just taste better,... read more

What to eat before and after working out

What to eat before and after working out What to eat before and after working out - KWES NewsWest 9 / Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, TX: newswest9.com | What to eat before and after working out 2017-02-16T12:25:46Z2017-02-16T12:40:34Z The most important thing about food and workouts is the timing of food."If you've eaten a heavy meal and you go work out right away it could cause a lot of stomach distress because all the blood needs to go help your muscles and it also needs to work with the food so you're gonna have an upset stomach," Mia Gibson, dietitian and nutritionist at Medical Center Hospital said.Food takes about an hour to digest, so if you eat and go work out right away you might regret it."You know it depends on how hard you're gonna work out like if you wanna do a leisurely stroll it would be okay to eat something," Gibs... read more

Crescent City Farmers Market programs give free food to mothers

Crescent City Farmers Market programs give free food to mothers Crescent City Farmers Market is working to put more fruits and vegetables on the tables of poor New Orleanians by offering $48 in free food to parents who receive Cash Value Vouchers through WIC, the federal Women, Infants and Children health and nutrition program. WIC's Cash Value Vouchers are paper coupons that can be used to buy fruits and vegetables at grocery stores. Currently, CVVs cannot be used at farmers markets. The Crescent City Farmers Market is piloting a program in 2017 to prove to the state that it has the capacity to accept the CVV vouchers, which currently can be redeemed at participating grocery stores only. "We're doing a pilot here that will mock how this program would work because we want to show the state that we can handle this," said Kathryn Parker, the market's ex... read more

NHS Choices

NHS Choices Ideally, adults should drink a lot of liquids that contain water, salt and sugar. Examples are soup broth or water mixed with juice. If you're drinking enough fluid, your urine will be light yellow or almost clear. It's also very important for babies and small children not to become dehydrated. Give your child frequent sips of water, even if they're vomiting. A small amount is better than none. Fruit juice or fizzy drinks should be avoided as they can make diarrhoea worse in children. If you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby and they have diarrhoea, you should continue to feed them as normal. Contact your GP immediately if you or your child develop any symptoms of dehydration. Your GP or pharmacist may suggest using an oral rehydration solution (ORS) to prevent dehydration i... read more

How to Treat Menstrual Cramps the Natural Way

How to Treat Menstrual Cramps the Natural Way Today we will look at how I approach treating menstrual cramps that result from female hormonal imbalances. Cramps are defined as painful, either sharp or aching, during the menstrual cycle in the lower abdominal region or the low back. Whenever one of my patients is in pain I always create a short-term approach and a long-term approach to address their problem. In the short-term approach, I want to help them alleviate their pain, as quickly as possible and in the long-term approach, I want to resolve the hormonal problem permanently if possible. This Article Let’s start by discussing the short-term solution for cramps. Pain due to menstrual cramps is often caused because of cramping in the uterus muscles as it is shedding the inner lining, the endometrium. The uterus muscles are used to... read more

Irritable bowel syndrome linked to migraines

Irritable bowel syndrome linked to migraines 10 percent to 20 percent of the population suffers from it, but did you know that many with IBS also have migraines? Research shows that 73 percent of patients with migraines also have IBS. It can be tricky to diagnose IBS, especially since symptoms need to occur for at least 12 weeks for a period of 12 months; however, symptoms don't have to be in consecutive months. Symptoms can differ between patients but the most common symptoms are constipation and diarrhea. These must be associated with abdominal pain and accompany two of the following bowel movement pains: • Pain that occurs with the form of a patient's stool • Pain with a change in bowel movement frequency One shared characteristic for patients who suffer with IBS and migraines is serotonin. Migraine sufferers have a low amount... read more