Quitting cigarettes cured man's cluster headaches

Quitting cigarettes cured man's cluster headaches • I suffered from cluster headaches for 14 years. Some doctors said the pain was psychosomatic. Others told me I was allergic to chocolate. Once I actually put a pistol to my head to kill myself because the pain was so unbearable. But with a wife and three children to support, I could not pull the trigger. Doctors prescribed Demerol for the pain, and I became dependent on this narcotic. I eventually kicked the habit. Then I quit smoking. Within a week, my headaches stopped. They only return when I am in a room with a smoker. I thank God I no longer suffer horrible headaches. Cluster headaches are sometimes called suicide headaches because the pain can be so severe. It tends to occur on one side of the face, near the eye. The pain can last up to several hours and recurs in clusters for we... read more

Are Migraines, IBS Genetically Linked?

Are Migraines, IBS Genetically Linked? The findings, presented at the American Academy of Neurology's 68th Annual Meeting in Vancouver, are based on an analysis of 107 migraine sufferers, 53 patients with episodic tension-type headache, and another 107 patients with IBS, according to Medical News Today. The researchers, from Istanbul University in Turkey, found that migraine sufferers were almost twice as likely to have IBS as those who have tension headaches. But even individuals who suffer from occasional tension headaches are about 28 percent more likely to also have IBS, compared to healthy individuals. The team also noted genetic differences that may account for the links between IBS and headaches — specifically involving the regulation of the brain chemical serotonin, which has also been linked to depression. "In IBS pa... read more

Birth Control (Contraception) discussions

Birth Control (Contraception) discussions In reply to Guest on 2012-12-03 - click to readI want add that I have oily skin now, and my face, feet and hand swell up majorly when I am hot (summer) and at random times too. I also sweat really easily.. I am truly just a mess lol I have thought these side effects were because I had a baby.. I always say thing like "ya I have been doing that ever since I was pregnant".. Now I am questioning is is because I have an IUD.. Also depression is another side effect but it could be because of all the other symptoms... Reply Loading... I had Mirena inserted about eight months ago, because of really heavy periods, losing up to a litre of blood over a couple of days. It's worked brilliantly with stopping my periods, I haven't had any at all since it was inserted, and finally I'm no longer anaemic a... read more

What symptoms do gallstones cause?

What symptoms do gallstones cause? Gallstones often don't cause symptoms; however, the stones may cause pain in the right shoulder, the right upper quadrant of the abdomen or in the middle part of the abdomen, according to Mayo Clinic. Gallstones may also cause pain between the shoulder blades. Continue Reading What are the symptoms of gallstones? Do symptoms of cystitis cause pain? What are the symptoms of a prostate infection? Full Answer Symptoms of gallstones that require immediate medical attention include high fever that comes along with chills, extreme abdominal pain and yellowing of the skin, reports Mayo Clinic. Whitening of eyes that occurs as a result of gallstones requires immediate medical care as well. Possible causes of gallstones include poor drainage of the gallbladder, and excess amounts of bilirubin or ch... read more

How to Easily Make Your Own Itchy Bug Bite Remedies

How to Easily Make Your Own Itchy Bug Bite Remedies Seek comfort with natural remedies that aren’t full of harsh or harmful chemicals. I’ve developed two recipes to soothe the itch and pain associated with bug bites. Bonus: One of the balms also does double duty as an insect repellant and itch soother. Both of these remedies contains a powerful “stack” of essential oils and other ingredients that will help prevent, soothe, and heal pesky bug bites and stings. If you’ve ever smelled fresh lavender, you know how calming and relaxing this plant is. Lavender works as an analgesic, meaning it acts to relieve pain, and it also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Its calming and relaxing qualities help to soothe bug bites. And not only does it help you feel better, lavender oil also works to repel a variety of bugs, includ... read more

Itchy inflammation of mosquito bites helps viruses replicate

Itchy inflammation of mosquito bites helps viruses replicate Mosquito bite sites are not just itchy, irritating nuisances, they also help viruses such as Zika or dengue establish an infection and spread around the body more quickly, increasing the likelihood of severe illness, a new study has found. The study, led by the University of Leeds in the UK, found that inflammation where the insect has bitten makes viral infections spread by the insects far worse. “Mosquito bites are not just annoying – they are key for how these viruses spread around your body and cause disease,” said Clive McKimmie, a research fellow at University of Leeds. “We now want to look at whether medications such as anti-inflammatory creams can stop the virus establishing an infection if used quickly enough after the bite inflammation appears,” said McKimmie. Researche... read more