Sinus headaches Preparing for your appointment

Sinus headaches Preparing for your appointment You're likely to start by seeing your family doctor or a general practitioner. You may be referred to a neurologist who specializes in headaches and migraines. Here's some information to help you get ready for your appointment and to know what to expect from your doctor. What you can do Be aware of pre-appointment restrictions. When you make the appointment, ask if there's anything you need to do in advance, such as restricting your diet. Write down any symptoms you're experiencing, including any that may seem unrelated to the reason for which you scheduled the appointment. Write down key personal information, including major stresses or recent life changes. Make a list of all medications, vitamins and supplements you're taking. Take a family member or friend along, if possible. Someone wh... read more

Timeline of a man cold

Timeline of a man cold Having just barely escaped unscathed from the throes of my husband's Man Cold, I thought it would be helpful to you, dear readers, to break it down into a detailed timeline so you would know what to expect in the event your husband comes down with this dangerous and potentially marriage-ending disease. Although no two Man Colds are exactly the same, there are enough commonalities that you should take heed of my experience and, if nothing else, quickly book yourself on a plane to anywhere else on this planet at the first signs of his cold. Day 1: The sneeze. The husband gives a worried glance and feels his forehead with the back of his hand. He immediately begins taking large quantities of zync, Vitamin C, Theraflu, the boiled root of an African Baobab tree, essence of dung beetle oil, and ... read more

Moving Rash in Babies

Moving Rash in Babies Most rashes appear in one localized area on the skin, but one rash moves from place to place on the body. Known as hives, or urticaria, this moving rash is generally harmless in babies. However, only a doctor can diagnose the rash and determine the underlying cause and appropriate treatment. Hives appear as itchy red welts that “move” around the body. Hives pop up in one place on the body and then disappear, and reappear on a different location of the body a few hours later. Some hives appear as small individual spots, while others cluster together to form large connected bumps as big as dinner plates. The rash may last for just a few hours or up to a week. An allergic reaction is the most likely culprit of hives, especially if you’ve introduced a new food in your baby’s diet. Gene... read more

Heat rash vs food allergy?

Heat rash vs food allergy? My LO (little one) has a red prickly type rash all over her back, sometimes its less on her back and then more on her chest.  When it doesn't flare up, it looks like tiny clear goosebumps. I'm 99% its food related because it came about after she had an episode of hives 3-4 weeks ago and has never gone away, but just in case: What does heat rash look like and how long will it last? Mommy2Karsyn My DS (dear son) has had a heat rash for the last 2.5 months.  It looks like little red dots, sometimes raised, sometimes not.  His ped. has looked at him at his 4 and 6 month check ups and said heat rash both times... KassieWife to Jay (08/07)�and mama to Punkinseed (10/06) and Little man (01/09) 1_of_a_kind · Does it sometimes move around?  This week its really concentrated on her back, raised and red and none on her chest.  Her back is really covered.  Last week all on her chest. ... read more

Tips for Dealing with Stomach Pain from Coughing

Tips for Dealing with Stomach Pain from Coughing Cough and stomach pain occur because of entirely different reasons. However, sometimes, excessive or severe coughing can cause a stomach ache. In order to cough out the stubborn phlegm deposits from the lungs,people tend to exert much pressure on the stomach, which leads to abdominal muscles getting strained. Repetition of this process ultimately results in pain in abdomen when coughing. This is probably the only reason why one would experience stomach pain from coughing. It is in a sense similar to when your stomach hurts from too much laughing. For the treatment of stomach pain from coughing, it is the root cause that should be taken care of and treated which is mainly coughing. You can try some of the following remedies for relief. Mix half a teaspoon of ginger juice with one teaspoon o... read more

What are the Most Common Causes of Nausea After Eating?

What are the Most Common Causes of Nausea After Eating? Some of the most prevalent reasons that account for a person experiencing symptoms of nausea after eating include consuming foods that are difficult to digest or acute gastroenteritis. An intestinal virus can produce feels of nausea shortly after eating. Some individuals who consume excessive amounts of alcohol can also experience these symptoms. The connection between alcohol and food-related nausea may be an inability to digest certain foods when alcohol is present in the bloodstream. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and acid reflux disease are two conditions that can produce excessive acid content from the stomach, often causing nausea. Antacids can control some of these symptoms, but in many cases a prescription medication is required. GERD may be caused due to a malfunction of t... read more