Heat rash vs food allergy?

My LO (little one) has a red prickly type rash all over her back, sometimes its less on her back and then more on her chest.  When it doesn't flare up, it looks like tiny clear goosebumps.

I'm 99% its food related because it came about after she had an episode of hives 3-4 weeks ago and has never gone away, but just in case: What does heat rash look like and how long will it last?


My DS (dear son) has had a heat rash for the last 2.5 months.  It looks like little red dots, sometimes raised, sometimes not.  His ped. has looked at him at his 4 and 6 month check ups and said heat rash both times...

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Does it sometimes move around?  This week its really concentrated on her back, raised and red and none on her chest.  Her back is really covered.  Last week all on her chest.

Heat rash vs food allergy?