Employee Involvement

Effective safety and health systems are built with good safety and health committees.  A safety and health committee is a group of

employees who work on matters of worker safety and health.  The committee can serve as a channel for action on suggestions and

ideas submitted by employees or from in-house inspections.  The type and membership of safety committees varies depending on the size

and structure of the organization.

Committee Checklist

Have your safety and health committee complete an effectiveness questionnaire.  Compare your responses with other members.

Use the

outcomes of the checklist to identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop action plans for improvements.

Safety contests and incentive programs can create interest and participation in an organized safety and health management

system.  They are not

a substitute for a good system, but may help motivate employees, help promote team building and heighten

awareness of worker safety and health.

Contests should be designed to increase employee involvement and participation in activities such as safety inspections, researching

answers to safety and health quizzes and communicating with other employees about safety and health.  Incentives focused on reducing

accidents are not recommended as they may create reluctance for employees to report injuries and illnesses.

A few things to keep in mind when planning a safety contest or incentive:

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Do your children or grandchildren know what you do at work?  Do they know that you

have safety rules and may have to wear safety equipment?

A contest involving children and grandchildren will help start safety awareness at a young age.  Have children draw a picture

of “What my family member does at work” or “How my family member stays safe for me at work.”

Here are some contest suggestions:

Set specific age groups (preschoolers, K-2nd, 3rd-4th, etc.).

Choose one winner from each age group and send to MIOSHA (we will post the winners on our web site).

Offer participation awards or prizes.

Offer a raffle for all participants.

Display artwork in the lunchroom or a visible place for all to see.

No one wants anyone to be injured at work.  Encourage all employees to communicate with each other about unsafe actions and

Employee Involvement